Views of CSG - ELA3

The ELA3 launch pad, ZL3. On the left, three lightning masts surround the launch tower and the pad; on the right, the water tower.

The Ariane 5 assembly building (BAF)

The Ariane 5 assembly building (BAF)

Vista at CSG, taken from the Ariane 5 assembly building (BAF). On the left, ELA2 (the gantry has not yet been rolled back). Just visible to the right is the silver ELA1 water tower. To the right of the clump of trees is a raised white cylinder which is an Ariane 5 first stage test stand, behind it is the ZL3 and to its right is the white ZL3 water tower. The light brown structure on the right is the second Table de Lancement (mobile launch platform) under construction. In the foreground, the railway which takes the Table de Lancement and its Ariane 5 cargo from the BAF to the pad.

Base of the permanent launch mast at ELA3.

The permanent launch mast at ELA3, and behind it one of the lightning masts.

The V113 tour group in front of a flame trench outlet at ELA3.

The author at ELA3, with ELA2 in the background.

The water tower at ELA3, supplying the sound suppression system.

Looking down into the solid booster support mount at the ELA3 pad, showing the water used to suppress the amount of reflected sound energy.