The Kosmos-3M flight of 2005 Oct 27

(1) The payload adapter before integration of the satellites (2) TopSat lowered onto adapter, Sinah already there (3) TopSat and Sinah on adapter (4) China-DMC being lowered onto assembly containing Topsat (top), Sinah-1 (front), Mozhaets (right)
(5) China-DMC being attached; Sinah-1 is on opposite side. Note engineer in "KB Polyot" blue jacket (6) Full assembly: Sinah-1 to right (black and silver), SSETI front (gold and black), China-DMC left rear (gold cylinder on silver box), Topsat at top (Mesh prism and black top section), Mozhaets hidden at rear, adapter is central silver post and base. Note conical antennas at base of Sinah and miscellaneous sensors at top end of it. (7) Assembly being transferred to rocket. Topsat left, China DMC top, Mozhaets (white) front, Sinah poking out behind, adapter base to right, SSETI hidden opposite Mozhaets (8) In the foreground, nosecone; in the background, second stage rocket; middle, payload assembly being lowered into place
(9) Assembly being fixed to rocket (10) Rocket decal for Surrey payloads (11) Launch