3.1.2: Centaur G/G'

Centaur G and G' were redesigned Centaurs for Shuttle launch, with larger diameter tanks. The 4.3m diameter, 6m long G and 4.3m dia, 9.0m long G-prime were sized for the payload bay. The Shuttle-Centaur program was cancelled shortly before first launch. Two G' stages had been built, and one G was under construction. A third G' was planned for Magellan.

The CISS (Centaur Integrated Support System) was a cradle provided in the STS payload bay to support the stage.

Centaur   Payload   1986 Status  

SC-1 (G')   Galileo   VPF testing at KSC 
SC-2 (G')   Ulysses   Fuelling tests at CC LC36A 
SC-3 (G)   DoD   Early fabrication