1.3: The launch vehicle list

The LV (launch vehicle) list has the following fields:

The following vehicle types are defined: (number of examples is from the 2003 release and has not been updated)






Code   Type   Number of examples 
D   Deep space launch  
M   Missile   177 
O   Orbital vehicle   318 
R   Research rocket   300 
V   Reentry test vehicle   13 
X   Exoatmospheric test   15 
Y   Exoatmospheric weather rocket   15 
  (Total exoatmospheric)   840  
A   Endoatmospheric missile   20 
C   Cruise missile   17 
Q   Endoatmospheric reentry test vehicle 49 
T   Endoatmospheric test/research   68 
W   Endoatmospheric Weather rocket   29 
  (Total endoatmospheric)   183 
  (Grand total)   1023 

These types for individual launch vehicle types are slightly more finely divided than those used for the Family/Stage datafile: apart from the use of O rather than L, the R category is broken up to include V, X and Y subtypes and the T/A category is joined by the Q type. Note that the A,C,Q,T,W types of rocket never enter space (by my 80 km definition).