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Jonathan's Space Report
No. 794 draft                                                     2021  Jun  4  Somerville, MA

International Space Station

Dragon CRS-22 docked at IDA-3 at 0909 UTC Jun 5.

On Jun 10 at 2249 UTC the Canadarm-2 extracted the IROSA solar array package from CRS-22's trunk.
At 0343 UTC Jun 11 the package was stowed on the POA (`Payload ORU Accommodation') on the station
truss' Mobile Base System. The MBS was later moved to worksite 8 at the end of the truss railway
to put the IROSA package nearer the P6 truss where the new arrays are to be installed.

CRS-22 delivered the Nanoracks NRCSD-20 package to ISS; the crew moved it to the Kibo module airlock and
on Jun 14 the Japanese RMS arm extracted NRCSD-20 from the airlock. Two cubesats, RamSat and SOAR,
were ejected from it at 0505 UTC Jun 14. NRCSD-20 was then placed back in the airlock.

RamSat is a 2U student satellite from Robertsville Middle School, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
SOAR is a 3U cubesat from the University of Manchester to study materials coatings and aerodynamics
in lower LEO.

On Jun 16 astronauts Pesquet and Kimbrough made a spacewalk to attempt installation of IROSA array 2B.
The crew lost some time due to problems with Kimbrough's spacesuit, but eventually removed array 2B
from the IROSA launch package and attached it to the support bracket at the base of the 2B array mast
on truss segment P6. However, they were unable to unfold the two halves of the array cylinder
and returned to the airlock with the array still in a packed configuration.
 Quest was depressurized from 1204 to 1926 UTC and the hatch was open from 1210 to 1923 UTC.


On Jun 6 SpaceX launched the SXM-8 digital radio broadcasting satellite
for Sirius XM. Launch mass of the satellite is approximately 7000 kg.
The F9 first stage landed on the droneship JRTI. SXM-8 and the F9 second
stage were placed in a 235 x 19384 km transfer orbit.


The first of the Beijing-3 series of imaging satellites was launched from Taiyuan by a SAST CZ-2D
on Jun 11. The satellite is operated by 21st Century Aerospace Technology of Beijing.
The Beijing-1 satellite was built for them by Surrey Satellite and launched in 2005.
21AT also leased the capacity of the DMC-3 satellites from Surrey, launched in 2015, and branded
the data as Beijing-2.


The first US Space Force Tactical Responsive Launch, TacRL-2, flew successfully on Jun 13, placing 
the Odyssey satellite in orbit. The Northrop Grumman L-1011 Stargazer aircraft took off
from runway 30/12 at Vandenberg Space Force Base at about 0710 UTC and headed out over the California
coast. At 0811 UTC the airplane dropped its Pegasus XL launch vehicle at about 123.5W 35.3N.
The Pegasus first stage ignited 5 seconds later and after about 8 minutes stage 3 burnout left
the third stage and the Odyseey satellite in sun-synchronous orbit with a 23:43 local time descending node. 

Odyssey is a satellite dedicated to `space domain awareness', which is US military jargon for 
tracking other satellites and space debris.


On Jun 15 Northrop Grumman launched a Minotaur 1 rocket from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport
at Wallops Island, Virginia on the NROL-111 launch mission for the US National Reconnaissance Office.
Three small satellites were placed in low Earth orbit. Their mission is not known; I am labelling them
as communications for now but that's a very low confidence guess.

Shenzhou 12

China's first human spaceflight launch in over 4 years took off on Jun 17. The CZ-2F placed Shenzhou 12
in orbit on its way to a rendezvous with the Tianhe/Tianzhou-2 complex.

Crew of Shenzhou 12 are Nie Haipeng, Liu Boming and Tang Honbo. The spaceship docked with the forward
port of the Tianhe module at 0754 UTC.


In the text of JSR793 the May 15 Starlink launch was misstated as being on May 9.

Table of Recent Orbital Launches

Date UT       Name                           Launch Vehicle      Site            Mission  INTL.  Catalog  Perigee Apogee  Incl   Notes
Jun  2 1617   Fengyun 4 02 xing               Chang Zheng 3B        Xichang LC2        Weather 47A  S48808 186 x 35808 x 28.5
Jun  3 1729   Dragon CRS-22                   Falcon 9              Kennedy LC39A      Cargo   48A  S48831 193 x 212 x 51.6
Jun  6 0426   SXM-8                           Falcon 9              Canaveral LC40     Comms   49A  S48838 235 x 19384 x 27.0
Jun 11 0303   Beijing-3 )                     Chang Zheng 2D        Taiyuan            Imaging 50A  S48840 488 x  502 x 97.5
              Yangwang-1)                                                            UV Astron 50
              Haisi-2   )                                                              Imaging 50
              Tianjian  )                                                              Tech    50
Jun 13 0811   Odyssey                         Pegasus XL            Vandenberg AFB    Tracking 51A  S48844 405 x  452 x 97.5
Jun 14 0505   RamSat)                                               ISS, LEO       Education 9867SL S48851 414 x 421 x 51.6
              SOAR  )                                                                Tech    9867SM S48850 414 x 421 x 51.6
Jun 15 1335   USA 316 )                       Minotaur 1            MARS LA0B         Comms?   52A  S48846 500?x 500? x 50?
              USA 317 )                                                               Comms?   52B  S48847 500?x 500? x 50?
              USA 318 )                                                               Comms?   52C  S48848 500?x 500? x 50?
Jun 17 0122   Shenzhou 12                     Chang Zheng 2F        Jiuquan          Spaceship 53A  S48852 193 x 486 x  41.4
Jun 17 1609   GPS III SV05                    Falcon 9              Canaveral LC40    Nav      54A  S48859 394 x 20176 x 55.0
Jun 18 0630   Yaogan 30 hao 09 zu 01 xing)    Chang Zheng 2C        Xichang           Sigint?  55A
              Yaogan 30 hao 09 zu 02 xing)                                            Sigint?  55B
              Yaogan 30 hao 09 zu 03 xing)                                            Sigint?  55C
              Tianqi 14                  )                                            Comms    55D

Table of Recent Suborbital Launches

Date UT       Payload/Flt Name Launch Vehicle      Site                  Mission    Apogee/km    Target

May 22 1526   VG-021            Spaceship Two      Elephant Butte        Test           89       Spaceport America
May 24 0535   MAPHEUS 11        IM/IM              Kiruna                Micrograv     216?      ESRANGE
May 26        T4-B Target       Terrier Oriole     South Uist            Target        300?      Atlantic
May 26        AEGIS KV          SM-3             DDG-117, D-701 Atlantic Interceptor   150?      Intercept T4-B
May 27 0115   VIPER             Terr. Imp. Mal.    Wallops               Ionosphere    151?      Atlantic
May 29?       FTM-31E1 Target   MRBM-T3c2          Kwajalein Meck I.     Target        500?      Pacific
May 30        T4-B Target       Terrier Oriole     South Uist            Target        300?      Atlantic
May 30        AEGIS KV          SM-3             DDG-117, D-701 Atlantic Interceptor   150?      Intercept T4-B
Jun  7 0625   CIBER 2           Black Brant 9      White Sands           IR Astron     310       White Sands

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