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Jonathan's Space Report
No. 835 draft                                                     2024 Jun 23   Somerville, MA

International Space Station

Expedition 71 continues. Crew are Oleg Kononenko, Nikolai Chub, Matthew
Dominick, Michael Barratt, Jeanette Epps, Aleksandr Grebyonkin, Tracy
Dyson, and visiting Starliner crew Barry Wilmore and Sunita Williams.

US EVA-90 was carried out on Jun 24. 
The Quest airlock was depressurized with astronauts Dyson and Barratt in
spacesuits EMU 3003 and EMU 3009. The airlock went below 50 mbar at 1236
UTC and the hatch was opened at 1244 UTC. However at 1246 UTC water
started coming out of an attach fitting and the spacewalk was aborted,
with hatch close at 1254 UTC and beginning of repressurization at 1318
UTC. The airlock was depressurized for 42 minutes.

On Jun 27 the Kibo RMS moved the CREAM experiment package from external location EFU13
to EFU12. On Jun 28 it then moved the ILLUMA-T lasercom experiment package from EFU3 to
EFU13. Later that day the Canadarm-2 unberthed ILLUMA-T from EFU13, and on Jun 29
at 1600 UTC ILLUMA-T was jettisoned into orbit. It has been cataloged as object 60181.
CREAM was moved back to EFU13 on Jul 3. OCO-3 was then moved back from EFU4 to EFU3
on Jul 5.

On Jul 12 the Cygnus NG-20 freighter was unberthed at 0800 UTC and released into orbit at 
1101 UTC. It was deorbited over the Pacific on Jul 13 with reentry around 1627 UTC.

Chinese Space Station

Astronauts Ye G and Li C made the second spacewalk of the seventh expedition on Jul 3, from
the Wentian airlock, to continue installation of debris panels.
It lasted 6.5 hours and ended at 1451 UTC.

Starlink launches

Starlink Group 10-2 (22 sats) was launched from Canaveral on Jun 23.
Starlink Group 9-2 (20 sats) was launched from Vandenberg on Jun 24.
Starlink Group 10-3 (23 sats) was launched from Canaveral on Jun 27.
Starlink Group 8-9 (20 sats) was launched from Canaveral on Jul 3.
Starlink Group 9-3 (20 sats) was launched from Vandenberg on Jul 12.

No orbital data have been released for six of the Ku-band group 9-1 satellites since the day of launch
and it appears that those six satellites failed at launch. Two have reentered so far.

On the Group 9-3 flight, the second stage engine failed during restart
for the circularization burn following an apparent LOX leak during the
first burn.  The satellites were deployed in a lower than planned orbit.
Orbital data were received from the satellites in the hours after
insertion but not afterwards, and it seems that many of them, together
with the second stage, reentered within hours of launch. At least one
reentry was observed over Chile at around 1040 UTC Jul 12. However on
Jul 15 two objects from the launch were cataloged as 2024-129A and 129B
by Space Force, still in orbits of 182 x 296 and 177 x 274 km. They were
identified as Starlink 11214 and 11202, which were slated to be 129A/B
prior to launch; I suspect Space Force doesn't really know which
specific Starlinks these were. Both had reentered by Jul 20.

Starshield launches

The second batch of Starshield satellites, mission NROL-186, was launched from Vandenberg on Jun 29.


NOAA's GOES-U (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite U) was launched on Jun 25
aboard a Falcon Heavy from KSC to an intermediate high-perigee transfer orbit.
The satellite will be renamed GOES 19 once in its operational
geostationary orbit.

CALT launches

CALT launched a three-stage CZ-7A from Wenchang on Jun 29, placing the Zhongxing-3A satellite
in geotransfer orbit. ZX-3A is probably a military communications satellite.

SAST launches

SAST launched a CZ-6A from Taiyuan on Jul 4 placing two Tianhui-5 satellites in orbit.
They are possibly radar mapping satellites built by SAST.

SAST launched a CZ-4B from Taiyuan on Jul 19 with the Gao Fen 11-05 imaging satellite to
1012 LTDN elliptical SSO.
These satellites are launched to elliptical orbit for an initial mission phase, and then
a few months later are moved to a circular orbit for longer term operations.


JAXA's Daichi-4 L-band radar satellite was launched on Jul 1 aboard an H3 from Tanegashima
to a 1200 LTDN sun-synch orbit.


The Chang'e-6 reentry capsule landed in the Siziwang Banner region at 0607 UTC Jun 25, with
its lunar farside samples aboard.

Firefly Alpha

Firefly Aerospace's Alpha flight FLTA005 was launched on Jul 4 from Vandenberg with a NASA-sponsored
cargo of eight cubesats:
   SOC-i from the U. of Washington,  Kubesat-1 from U of Kansas,  MESAT-1 from U of Maine, CATSAT from U. of Arizona;
   Serenity from Teachers In Space;   and Techedsat-11 from NASA-Ames, and R5-S4 and R5-S2-2.0 from NASA-JSC.

Turkey's Turksat 6A communications satellite, the first in the series to be built in Turkey, was launched
on a Falcon 9 on Jul 8. The 4250 kg Turkish Aerospace Industries satellite has Ku and X band communications

Ariane 6

The first Ariane 6 vehicle, Ariane L6001, was launched on mission VA262
on Jul 9. The rocket is an Ariane 62 variant with two solid boosters. It
placed a 1600 kg dummy payload in a 580 km orbit together with 8
cubesats. The dummy payload remained attached to the upper stage, which
was to be deorbited 2h40m into flight. However, the auxiliary power unit
fail to restart after the cubesat deployments, and the stage was passivated
in orbit without performing a deorbit burn. As a result, two reentry
capsules remain attached to the stage and will not be able to perform their missions.


The Xingji Rongyao (iSpace) company lost another Shuang Quxian 1 (Hyperbola-1) rocket after
launch from Jiuquan on Jul 10. Three Yunyao weather satellites were aboard. The failure
was in the rocket's fourth stage.
The SQX-1 now has 4 failures out of 7 orbital attempts.


EarthCare launch was May 28 at 2220 UTC as noted in the table, and not May 29
as stated in the text of JSR 834.

Table of Recent Orbital Launches

Date UT       Name			     Launch Vehicle	 Site		 Mission  INTL.  Catalog  Perigee Apogee  Incl	 Notes
Jun  6 1250   Starship FT4                      Starship                Starbase           Test     U03  -15 x 213 x 26.8
Jun  8 0156   Starlink Group 10-1               Falcon 9                Canaveral LC40     Comms    111  265 x 278 x 53.2
Jun  8 1258   Starlink Group 8-8                Falcon 9                Vandenberg SLC4E   Comms    112  279 x 289 x 53.2
Jun 19 0340   Starlink Group 9-1                Falcon 9                Vandenberg SLC4E   Comms    113  284 x 295 x 53.2
Jun 20 1813   Kineis 1A                         Electron                Mahia 1B           Comms    114F 637 x 640 x 98.0
              Kineis 1B                                                                    Comms    114A
              Kineis 1C                                                                    Comms    114C
              Kineis 1D                                                                    Comms    114D
              Kineis 1E                                                                    Comms    114E
Jun 20 2135   Astra 1P                          Falcon 9                Canaveral LC40     Comms    115A 334 x 53369 x 27.9
Jun 22 0700   SVOM                              Chang Zheng 2C          Xichang            Astron   116A 626 x 632 x 29.0
Jun 23 1715   Starlink Group 10-2               Falcon 9                Canaveral LC40     Comms    117  263 x 277 x 53.2
Jun 24 0347   Starlink Group 9-2                Falcon 9                Vandenberg SLC4E   Comms    118  284 x 295 x 53.2
Jun 25 2126   GOES U                            Falcon Heavy            Kennedy LC39A      Weather  119A 16009 x 35240 x 4.4
Jun 27 1114   Starlunk Grouo 10-3               Falcon 9                Canaveral LC40     Comms    120  264 x 274 x 53.2
Jun 29 0314   Starshield Group 1-2              Falcon 9                Vandenberg SLC4E   Imaging? 121  310? x 315? x 70.0
Jun 29 1157   Zhongxing-3A                      Chang Zheng 7A          Wenchang           Comms    122A 144 x 34350 x 51.5
Jul  1 0306   Daichi 4                          H3                      Tanegashima        Radar    123A 609 x 612 x 97.9
Jul  3 0855   Starlink Group 8-9                Falcon 9                Canaveral LC40     Comms    124  285 x 296 x 53.2
Jul  4 0404   SOC-i                             Alpha                   Vandenberg SLC2W   Tech     125  450 x 523 x 97.3
              TechEdSat-11                                                                 Tech     125
              Serenity                                                                     Com      125
              R5-S4                                                                        Tech     125
              R5-S2-2.0                                                                    Tech     125
              CATSAT                                                                       Tech     125
              Kubesat-1                                                                    Sci      125
              MESAT-1                                                                      Sci      125
Jul  4 2249   Tianhui-5 2-01                    Chang Zheng 6A          Taiyuan            Radar?   126  607 x 610 x 97.8
              Tianhui-5 2-02                                                               Radar?   126
Jul  8 2330   Turksat 6A                        Falcon 9                Canaveral LC40     Comms    127A
Jul  9 1900   Ariane L6001 Dummy Payload        Ariane 6                Kourou ELA4        Tech     128  580 x 580 x 62.0
              OOVCube                                                                      Tech     128  580 x 580 x 62.0
              Curium                                                                       Tech     128  580 x 580 x 62.0
              Robusta-3A                                                                   Tech     128  580 x 580 x 62.0
              3Cat-4                                                                       Tech     128  580 x 580 x 62.0
              GRBBeta                                                                      Ast      128  580 x 580 x 62.0
              ISTSat-1                                                                     Tech     128  580 x 580 x 62.0
              Replicator                                                                   Tech     128  580 x 580 x 62.0
Jul 10 2341   Yunyao-1 15                       Shuang Quxian 1          Jiuquan           Weather  F03 -3900? x 500? x 97
              Yunyao-1 16                                                                  Weather  F03
              Yunyao-1 17                                                                  Weather  F03
Jul 12 0235   Starlink Group 9-3                Falcon 9                 Vandenberg SLC4E  Comms    129  138? x 250? x 53.2
Jul 19 0303   Gao Fen 11-05                     Chang Zheng 4B           Taiyuan           Imaging  130A 244 x 697 x 97.5

Table of Recent Suborbital Launches 

Date UT       Payload           Rocket              Site                 Mission       Apogee    Target

Jun 12        HTB-1             T.T. Oriole         Wallops I.           Hypersonic     300?     Atlantic Ocean
Jun 18 0701   Mk 21A RV         Minotaur I          Vandenberg           Test          1000?     Pacific
Jun 20 1030   RockOn            Terrier Imp. Ori.   Wallops I.           Education      114      Atlantic Ocean
Jun 25 2030   MIRV test         Hwasong-16Na        Chongdong            Test           100      Sea of Japan
Jun 30 2005   RV                Hwasong-11Da-4.5    Jangyon              Test           100?     Sea of Japan
Jun 30 2015   RV                Hwasong-11Da?       Jangyon              Test           100?     Sea of Japan
Jul 16        MAGIXS 2          Black Brant 9       White Sands          Solar X        300?     White Sands

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