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List of spaceflight segments

List of spaceflight segments

The file segments.html lists each individual's role on each segment of each human spaceflight mission. The entries are ordered chronologically within each spaceflight program.

Each human spaceflight mission consists of one or multiple segments (for example: launch to docking with station, expedition on stage, return to Earth). Each astronaut ride consists of one or more segments, but they don't have to be all on the same mission - for example, an astronaut may return to Earth on a different spaceship from the one they launched on, and not all the astronauts launched at the same time necessarily come back at the same time.

The role each astronaut plays may change from segment to segment - for example, an astronaut may be commander of a Soyuz ferry ship on the way to ISS, but is not necessarily commander of the ensuing Station expedition.

This file describes the individual segments and ties them to the mission and astronaut role. Each row is a single segment and role.

Column Descriptions

The columns in the table are described below: