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List of space travellers

Human Spaceflight Missions, Astronauts, Selections, Rides and Segments

This section lists astronauts and their space missions. I use the following concepts:

TableDataColumn descriptionsContents
Space Travellers astro astrolist.html The list of astronauts, Gagarin onwards
Space Selections astrosel astrosel.html Which astronaut group(s) each astronaut was part of
Space Missions missions missions.html The list of space missions, Vostok 1 onwards
Space Missions (Aux) auxmissions missions.html Auxiliary mission list: ships launched uncrewed
Expeditions expeditions missions.html Mission codes for space station expeditions
Space Projects programs#projects -The list of human spaceflight projects
Space Programs programs -The list of human spaceflight programs
Roles roletags roles.html List of role tags
Rides rides ridecols.html One line for each flight by each astronaut
Ride Segments segments segcols.html One line for each flight segment by each astronaut
Spacewalks evas evas.html List of spacewalks
Space Trainees trainee.html astrolist.html List of selected astronaut trainees, flown and unflown
Space Trainee Selections trainsel.html astrosel.html Which astronaut group(s) each trainee was part of
Suborbital Missions suborb.html -List of suborbital human spaceflights, with additional mission data for each
Mesospheric Missions meso.html -List of mesospheric human flights - almost but not quite spaceflights.

There are other excellent sources on human space travellers and their information may be more up to date. In particular as of 2021, I recommend SpaceFacts. I haven't checked my data against theirs.